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Super Cloudberries

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CloudberryThe Arctic native cloudberry is bursting with vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids, all of which are indispensable to our health. These types of arctic berries traditionally have very high antioxidant ORAC sore of foods values. This places them in the new food category know as ‘superfruits.’

These berries grow in alpine and arctic locations. The antioxidant rich fruit is similar in form and texture to the raspberry only this berry is a golden yellow color. A favorite berry of people in arctic regions the cloudberry is picked in the wild. It is preferential to pick and eat them raw however they are used in jams, ice cream, juices and in liqueurs. The Swedes delight in warm cloudberries over vanilla ice. These grow in bogs in arctic and sub-arctic regions in mountain areas. Thus they grow abundantly in Canada and Alaska. Cloudberries can withstand temperatures in the -40 degrees C. which is amazing.

Arctic Cloudberry

In the past, teas made from the cloudberry were used to cure urinary infections. 75 grams of cloudberries provides the daily requirement of vitamin C in fruits which benefits the body by helping fight off disease.  Also these berries are good in skin care.  Taken from cloudberries are materials which aid in stress relief, and UV radiation. There is also plenty of vitamin E which fights aging.

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