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Superfoods- Wild Harvested Acerola Cherry Powder

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Live Superfoods (tm) - Wild Harvested Acerola Cherry Powder, 16oz
Looking for a super food to add to your diet that will help boost your immune system, help you feel better, and give you more energy? You need antioxidants, nature’s little powerhouses. Found in a wide variety of fruits and herbs, antioxidants are abundant in one tasty treat- the acerola cherry.

Hailed as a super food, the acerola is high in vitamin C, as much as 4.5% per fruit serving as opposed to the measly 0.05% in a typical orange. The acerola is also full of calcium, vitamin A, niacin,
magnesium, thiamine, potassium, and iron. Acerola benefits in health and wellness are numerous as seen in several South American countries, where it has been used to treat dysentery, stomach problems, diarrhea, colds, infections and more. More modern studies show that the acerola cherry helping headaches by reducing duration and helping to lessen symptoms.

Looking for an easy way to add this antioxidant rich super food to your diet? Look no further than Live Superfoods- Wild Harvested Acerola Cherry Powder. Pure raw acerola cherry powder, 100% natural, Kosher, vegan, and gluten free, it it’s the perfect addition to anyone’s diet. Pick some up today online or at a health and wellness store and see why so many people are falling in love with this little powerhouse fruit.

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