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Sweet and Sour Starfruit

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Starfruit The Star Fruit or carambola is a tropical fruit. It is an abundant fruit but is not very popular in the west. It certainly should be and it is only a matter of time before this will be one of the most popular fruits. With an ORAC antioxidant value of a hefty 5900 this fruit needs to be taken seriously. It is very low in calories supplying just 31 calories with a 100 gram serving. Yet while being low in calories it is very high in nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins.

It is also high in fiber which is indispensable for colon health along with 59 percent of the daily requirement for vitamin C in fruits and benefits immunity.  Star fruit is a great source of vitamin B complex such as folates, riboflavin and pyridoxine as well. There are also minerals and electrolytes such as potassium, phosphorus, zinc and iron. Some of these minerals help control blood pressure. It is used in Brazil as a diuretic and to stop coughing as well as helping determine which fruits are good antioxidants.

StarfruitThe antioxidant rich fruit comes in both a sweet or sour. When looking for star fruit, look for large yellow-orange colored ones, they are the sweetest. Stay away from the small green ones which are acidic and not very tasty.

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Friday 15th of August 2014

Do you eat the skin?