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Tart Cherries for Joint Pain Relief

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Tart Cherries for Joint Pain ReliefTart Cherries for Joint Pain Relief

Do you dread it when the weather becomes cold and the pain from your joints returns? Or when you’re simply doing a simple household chore when suddenly, you feel a searing pain on your fingers or your back? There are many reasons of joint pain and some of them include gout, arthritis, muscle pain and back pain.

Although you can find many commercial remedies for joint pain, there is also the amazing tart cherry. Tart cherries come from the stone fruit family and are also known as balaton cherry, Montmorency cherry, pie cherry or Prunus cerasus. It is famous for its antioxidant quality which lowers the urate levels of your body. When the uric acid present in your system is too much, this is what triggers your joint pains.

Drinking tart cherry juice can help in decreasing the inflammation on your joints. Stress on muscles, joints and on your back is sigantioxidant-fruits.comficantly minimized as well. It more or less mimics the effect of taking ibuprofen tablets.

Check out this video about the Tart Cherry put on by Andy LaPointe of Traverse Bay Farms:

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