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The Abbott Farms – Then and Now – South Carolina

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Abbott Farms has been around since 1955. Founded by Myrtle Abbott, the business began with a simple fruit stand on the road now known to be I-85 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. From that lowly fruit stand which sells peaches, Abbott Farms grew to cater to not only the Spartanburg county but also the Cherokee counties. Soon enough, word spread of its quality fruits and delicious taste. The Abbotts now operate five fruit markets which sell peaches, watermelons, peanuts and cantaloupes. Aside from them, Abbott Farms also sell jams, jellies, honey, hot sauces, pickles and salsa.

However, what makes people keep going back at Abbott Farms are its fruit ciders. Full of tasty goodness and nutritional antioxidant value, the flavors are peach, strawberry, muscadine, blackberry, supernong and many more. You can avail all of these at all Abbott Farms fruit markets or you can contact them for delivery at 800-764-0076. You can also purchase the goods online through their website.

More than fruits, Abbott Farms also ventured into fireworks and other food items like gift boxes and specialty items. The best-sellers are still peaches, Abbott Farms’ main produce which is available from middle of May to middle of September.

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