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The Abbott Farms – New York

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abbott farms ny

Abbott Farms may have begun as a family farm but it was grandson Windsor Abbott who turned it into a profitable gain crop combined with a U-picking operation during fall. With this vision, he created a venue where farming, marketing and social engagement came together and worked as one.

The 126 acres of farm land has been put to good use by the Abbotts. The Abbott Farms now open their gates to welcome families from all over and let them experience the wonder of farming. The Abbott Farms feature several activities such as the Abbott’s Ark (a petting zoo of sorts for barnyard animals), the Fish Pond, the Corn Maze (this can be done also at night with flashlights), the Cider Press (you can watch how apple cider is made with the use of ultraviolet treatment process), U-pick (you pay for what fruit you pick on the farm) and the Fall Festivals.

Located in 3275 Cold Springs Road, Bladwinsville, New York, the Abbott Farms is a proud member of Pride of NY, which supports local farm businesses, agriculture and promotes fruits and vegetables.

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