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The Apricot

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Made In Nature Organic Apricots, Dried, Unsulfured, 6-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)
Are you looking for a nutritious fruit that contains antioxidants? Look no further. The apricot, a small and delicate fruit that suffers from no shortage of nutrients. It contains the best mix of carotenoid types, an antioxidant, than almost any other food.

Apricots, grown on small trees, have been cultivated in Europe and the Middle East since prehistoric times. Apricots grown in California are in season from May to July. The apricot is very easy to incorporate because of it’s tangy and sweet flavor, variety of uses and ways it can be produced and packaged. Apricots can be used fresh, dried, canned, pureed, frozen,  and as a juice or nectar.

Nutritionally, apricots are packed with benefits such as Vitamin A which found in particularly high levels in the apricot. Just one serving is enough to provide you with 60% of the daily recommended amount. Apricots are also rich in Vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, iron, copper, and lycopene. They are low in saturated fat and sodium and are cholesterol-free. Apricots also have a very high fiber to volume ratio. Because of this, you might ask, “Can apricot juice help constipation?” Yes! Dried apricots and apricot juice be used to relieve constipation and even induce diarrhea. As few as three apricots can help get things moving along.

Because of its rich nutrients, the apricot helps treat conditions like anemia, constipation, and fever. It promotes good digestion, healthy eyes and good vision due to its high Vitamin A content. The apricot’s varied make-up of antioxidants makes it a good choice for fighting stroke, heart disease, and cancer.

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