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The Aronia Advantage

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The Aronia AdvantageThe Aronia Advantage

The world has become aronia nation after it was rediscovered to have high content of antioxidants but can be grown and cultivated in North America. Now, you don’t need to buy an antioxidant fruit imported from abroad. The aronia berries are often taken as another type of cherry but it isn’t. This berry can even be used as an ornament but more than that, it can benefit you in terms of its anthocyanins.

Also known as chokeberry, it counters oxidative stress and damage. You can get its nutritional benefits when you eat aronia jams, jellies and even drink aronia wine. Rich in anthocyanins and procyanidins, it is also marketed as one of the market’s leading combative fruit against cancer, heart ailments, diabetes, bacteria, viruses and even fungal diseases. This could mean saying goodbye to urinary tract infections or high blood pressure incidents. Isn’t that amazing?

Neck to neck with the acai berry, the aronia mania has spread wild. With its many benefits, the food industry has also taken interest, using the multi-faceted fruit in many dishes. Do you have any any aronia jelly recipe you can share with us? Leave a comment and share with us your own delicious take on aronia.

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