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The Bioflavonoid Rich Pomelo

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Melissa's Pummelos, Set of 6The pomelo looks like a giant grapefruit however it has a sweeter taste. It is becoming popular however it is difficult but not impossible to find in supermarkets in some areas. Many are familiar with a cousin of the pomelo the tangelo, which is a hybrid pomelo crossed with a tangerine.

The pomelo is a great source of vitamin C in fruits for benefits, and is an antioxidant rich fruit, keeping cells healthy. The pomelo fruit has twice the daily recommended dose of vitamin C which makes it better than the orange or the grapefruit. Bioflavonoid is found in the peel of the pamelo and it can be used in the making of marmalade. Pomelos rank between the kiwi and the lemon on the antioxidant value scale, making them a very healthy fruit indeed and a priority for the list of which fruits are good antioxidants.

Pomelos tend to be higher in carbohydrates than many fruits. A one cup serving of Pomelos has 18 grams of carbohydrates. The same serving of pomelo has two grams of fiber. Concerning calories, this fruit as with most fruits is very low. A one cup serving has 72 calories. Pomelos are rich in potassium which helps to lower blood pressure. There are also small amounts of magnesium, phosphorus and copper. This fruit makes a refreshing change from grapefruit.

Melissa’s Pummelos, Set of 6

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