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The Delicious and Nutritious Huckleberry

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HuckleberriesMost people who hear the word “huckleberry” immediately call to mind the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Did you ever realize it’s an actual fruit? In fact, it’s the state fruit of Idaho. Also known as the bilberry, this fruit is rather tasty and able to be eaten raw. Some fruits range from having a tart to sweet taste, depending on the color and maturation. Some have compared the huckleberry’s taste to that of the blueberry. Huckleberries contain vitamins C and A, iron, and calcium.

Like the blueberry, the huckleberry is a fruit rich in antioxidants. This is often the case with darker fruits (especially berries) that contain quite a few anthocyaantioxidant-fruits.comns. This darker pigmentation typically goes hand-in-hand with higher antioxidant content. For this reason, you may want to opt for dark blue huckleberries over the red ones, although both do the trick. What distinguishes this fruit from the blueberry is that it contains seeds that give it a crunchy texture when you’re eating it. It also has a thicker skin.

Eating Huckleberries
You can find this fruit all across the United States. Make sure to wash it off thoroughly before popping it into your mouth. If you want to take it a bit further, you can get creative with some recipes. Fans of this fruit recommend huckleberry muffins and pancakes. Basically, recipes that usually call for blueberries can be replaced with huckleberries, and you’re sure to be impressed with the results. Scout out some huckleberries in your area and get started baking!

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