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The Delightful Maqui Berry

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Maqui Berry – What in the World is It?
MaquiThe maqui berry is native to the countries Argentina and Chile (specifically southern Chile). What makes this fruit so special? Well, it has twice the amount of antioxidants as found in acai berry, which you’re probably well aware that we love here at Antioxidant-Fruits. The reason that this fruit has so many antioxidants is that it is full of anthocyanins. Anthocyaantioxidant-fruits.comns are flavonoids that are responsible for the maqui berry’s purple color. Aronia berry is another example of a fruit high in anthocyanins and therefore, high in antioxidants – remember its dark red/purple/black color? Maqui berries are known for being high in delphinidins, which are anthocyanins you’ll find in Concord grapes, although the latter does not have nearly as many of them. The only downside to this fruit is that it will leave your lips and teeth stained if you eat too much of it. Luckily, you don’t have to eat a full bag of berries to get the nutritional benefits – a few of these babies packs a full punch.

What the Maqui Berry Can Do for You
Because of the high amount of delphinidins in this berry, it works wonderfully as an anti-inflammatory with fewer side effects when compared to the anti-inflammatories you’ll find at the local pharmacy. The berry is also beneficial when it comes to controlling bacteria in your stomach that might be causing gastrointestinal problems. The fruit’s antioxidant properties mean it can be helpful in preventing heart disease/attacks, hardening of the arteries, and strokes.

Navitas Naturals makes a freeze dried powder form of the Maqui Berry – we reviewed it earlier.  Click here to read our Navitas Naturals Maqui Powder Product Review.

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