The Famous Philippine Carabao Mango

There are several kinds of mangoes in the world. But there is one unique kind of mango that captured the hearts of many people. And that is, the highly proclaimed sweetest mango in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, the Carabao Mango.

Fruits of Mindanao - Carabao Mangos

Fruits of Mindanao – Carabao Mangos

The Carabao Mango is found in the Philippines and named by the Philippine Government as the Maantioxidant-fruits.comla Super Mango because of its super health benefits. The Carabao mango is even more slender-looking mango compared to other mangoes found. It’s flesh is green when raw that can turn into yellow-green when ripe and is also softer that makes it almost impossible to peel using a knife.

Just like other mangoes, the Carabao Mango is rich in essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, amino acids and magnesium. These nutrients helps relax muscles when you’re stressed out and lowers the risk of developing cancer and other diseases. Several studies reveal that mangoes has three times more vitamin C than a piece of orange or apple.

The Carabao Mango is also meant for export turning them into fruit nectars. But the most famous and top export made from Carabao Mango is the dried mangoes. It is made into a tasty dried fruit healthy snack for everyone to enjoy.

Moreover, the Carabao Mango can be eaten raw or ripe. You can simply peel the flesh off easily if it’s still raw. But when it’s ripe, you simply cut the mango into three slices horizontally. Both can be made into a juice drink or a fruit shake.