The Guava Fruit

GuavasGuava is a nutritious fruit native to some parts of Latin America and several parts of Southeast Asia like the Philippines. It is known for being rich in vitamin C which has been known to help lower the risk of cancer. It is also rich in fiber, which helps to lower the risk of developing diabetes.

Moreover, there is more to Guava than its antioxidants. It is a good source of copper that helps regulate thyroid hormones if you have thyroid problems. It also regulates blood pressure due to its rich content of potassium just like the banana. Not only it is rich in vitamin C, Guava is also rich in Vitamin-A which helps promote and maintain good eyesight. Vitamin E is also a key content of Guava that promotes healthy skin. It also keeps your brain healthy as Guava is also very rich in Vitamin B.

One fruit of Guava a day keeps doctors away. But did you know that Guava leaves are considered herbal as well? Guava leaves is known for its anti-bacterial action that fights pathogens to prevent infection. It doesn’t only prevent but it cures as well. You simply boil enough number of leaves and drink the water when cool. It is also commonly used and given to children who suffer malnutrition to stop diarrhea.