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The Healing Properties of Dragon Fruit

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Health Benefits of the Dragon FruitThe Dragon Fruit is different in appearance from what we would call normal fruit as it is oblong. Today it is cultivated in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam although it was grown Central America originally. The properties of the flowers of the dragon fruit are fascinating in that they bloom and night as opposed to the daytime, thus they are known as Moonflowers. The dragon fruit is an antioxidant rich fruit that contains many various antioxidants. The red dragon fruit has an antioxidant ORAC score of foods value of 7.59 while the white dragon fruit has a 2.96 value.

Dragon fruit is also very high in fiber which is essential to healthy bowel movements. It also has very high protein levels which help with metabolism and helps production of hormones and enzymes. High in vitamin C in fruits for benefits, the dragon fruit helps to heal wounds and fortify the immune system. Other vitamins included are B1 for energy, B3 for diabetic patients and vitamin B12 which affects the appetite favorably. Phosphorus and calcium are also prevalent. These help in bone and teeth health along with helping cell development and the formation of tissue.

In studies dragon fruit has been known to reduce the insulin requirement for Type 1 diabetes and to reduce blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes patients. Daily intake of dragon fruit is purported to help with coughs and asthma in both adults and children.

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