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The Health Value of the Aronia Berry

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Aroantioxidant-fruits.coma Berry Festival 120Because the aronia berry (also known as the black chokeberry) is full of health benefits, it has long been utilized to treat health problems and illnesses. One of the first uses was to prepare a tea infusion that has proven to help with the common cold.

Scientists have seen sucess with research that has shown the eating these berries on a regular basis can have several possible benefits such as reversing signs of aging, fighting against cancer, balancing brain chemistry disorders, fighting inflammation and leveling out the effects of diabetes.

Due to it’s high concentration of antioxidant anthocyain pigments, the black chokeberry is a proanthocyanidin which is a part of a larger group of flavonoids considered bioactive. The aronia berry is considered to be one of the richest forms of antioxidant available.

Black chokeberries have a remarkably small fat and calorie percentage while being full of dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. You can buy aronia extract and juices at your favorite health market or in bulk for savings on the internet.

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