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The Role of Fruits in Vitamin Bioavailability

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When talking about eating enough vitamins and antioxidants, you may hear the term bioavailability. This refers to how much of the vitamin or antioxidant is actually available for the body to use. It is mostly a term used when talking about consuming these in a supplement or a processed food.

The reason for this is that in foods grown or raised the way that is natural, they are bound to cells our body is going to break down. When they are extracted from food or other sources and then put back together into something we are going to consume like a processed food or supplement, they have been bonded by man to other things that are intended to be broken down and used by the body, but this does not always happen that way.

As smart as we are, man cannot perfectly produce the proper use of a real  food on a cellular level. And the body was made to break down these foods to their cellular molecules and use these molecules within the body to repair and fuel it’s systems.

So, getting these vitamins and antioxidants as a supplement or in an enriched food is not the optimal way. You have to take in much more to ensure that your body uses at least some. It is not a perfected science at all. And that is why your very best bet is to get your vitamins and antioxidants from the natural sources. So, pick up a strong antioxidant fruit by looking at the ORAC value chart and know you are getting a healthy snack that your body can use to keep you healthy and feeling great.

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