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The Tropical Antioxidant Rich Fruit, Abiu

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Abiu fruitThe Abiu fruit is a tropical fruit that is found in the Amazon. It is yellow skinned with a light colored custard-like pulp and a flavor that would remind a person of that Mexican treat, caramel flan. The few seeds are picked out. It is most often eaten out of it’s skin, sometimes with a little fresh squeezed lime although some people like to use it to flavor ice cream and yogurt.

Abiu fruit can tend to be a bit sticky when eaten fresh, so it is often advised that if you plan to eat it out of its rind, you use chapstick or something similar on your lips so that they don’t stick to the rind.

It is important to make sure the fruit is the ripe golden yellow color and not just bright yellow. The yellow fruit is unripe and will not be useful for eating. Like other fruit, the abiu continues to ripen once removed from the plant so if you have unripe fruits, you can wait 2-5 days for them to ripen.

Abiu fruit is high in vitamins A and C along with calcium and phosphorus. When left to over-ripen, the fruit is used to treat coughing, lung infections like bronchitis, diarrhea and conditions that cause inflammation.

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