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The Various Uses of Lanzones

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Lanzones are a type of fruit produced by Lansium domesticum, a tree native to the Malaysian peninsula. Lanzones are a particularly nutritious type of fruit, with The Lanzones Fruiteach 100 gram serving containing respectable amounts of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, thiamine, vitamin A, phosphorus, riboflavin, vitamin C and phytin.

What are some uses of lanzones?

Lanzones and the tree from which they are derived are reputed to have a variety of medical and practical uses. Among these reputed uses are the following: burantioxidant-fruits.comng dessicated peels to repel mosquitoes; using powdered lanzones tree bark as a treatment for scorpion stings; using lanzone fruit to treat fever; and using lanzone tree bark to treat diarrhea. Beyond these reported uses, there are important nutritional benefits of lanzones to consider.

The thiamine (B1) and riboflavin (B2) content of lanzones assist the body in energy production, the manufacture of red blood cells, and a variety of other biochemical processes. B1 is an especially important nutrient, is deficiencies of B1 can result in severe neurological impairment manifesting as disturbances in coordination, cognition and other aspects of central nervous system functioning. A balanced diet containing lanzones and other botanical sources of B1 can both prevent and alleviate the devastating effects of B1 deficiency.

In addition, the vitamin A (retinol) and carotene contents of lanzones are noteworthy. It is well-known that vitamin A is essential to healthy eye-sight but it is less well-known that it also makes important contibutions to the health of teeth, skin and other bodily systems. Carotene has potent antioxidant properties, which makes it of great use for people with medical conditions complicated by excessive bodily free radical levels.

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