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The Velvet Apple Mabolo

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Diospyros blancoi  A. DC.The mabolo fruit is indigenous to the Philippines and is a fruit about the size of an apple and grows on an evergreen tree. It usually has 4-5 seeds, however some are seedless. When ripened the mabolo fruit is a dark red or purple maroon color. The skin of the fruit emits a odor similar to cheese however when peeled the odor is removed. Late in the 19th century  attempts were made to grow the tree in Florida however the attempts failed. Today they are grown in Malaysia, Hawaii and Cuba.

The fruit is also know by other names the most popular being velvet apple. It can also be known as the mabolo persimmon because of it’s relation to the persimmon. The feel and flavor of the mabolo is akin to the pear. Mostly this fruit is eaten raw or juiced. It also goes well with meat and spices or as an ingredient in a fruit salad in which fruits are good antioxidants to add.

Mabolo is full of vitamin B complex along with vitamin C and A. Ongoing research shows that mabolo includes many phenolic compounds which have compelling antioxidant activity and vitamin c in fruits benefits the immune system. As with many other fruits mabolo also contains calcium, iron and potassium. All of these things are necessary for our good health.

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