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Three Springs Fruit Farm

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Three Springs Fruit FarmThree springs Fruit Farm is located between Gettysburg and Carlisle in Northern Adams County in Wenksville, PA and is a family farm owned by the Wenks for over 100 years. Certified to have safe working conditions, humane treatment of aantioxidant-fruits.commals and cares for the ecosystem by Food Alliance, Three Springs Fruit Farm continues to commit to bringing quality fruits to its consumers.

The fruit farm offers fruits and vegetables. Apple butter, apple sauce, pear butter, apple juice and canned peaches are available all year. Three Springs Fruit Farm offers strawberries, apricots, cherries and walnuts around the middle of the year from May to July. As for raspberries, blueberries, black raspberries, peaches, nectarines and pears, they are available on the latter half of the year.

Growing fruit on 350 acres of land is not easy. Three Springs Fruit Farm updates its growing practices with the current newest and greenest applications and treatments for fruits. They use Pheromone Mating Disruption, biological control and bioremediation. All of these are enforced to decrease the farm’s impact on the environment.

With careful scouting and strict monitoring, Three Springs Fruit Farm keeps pests at bay and stays true to its promise of providing quality and fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

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