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Tieton Cherry

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Vamp cherriesPlump Tieton cherriesThe Tieton cherry is one of the types of cherries that is considered to be sweet. This cherry is particularly large and juicy with a shiny dark red outside. It is sweet but not as much as, say, Spanish cherry cherries. The Tieton cherry is most comparable to the Bing cherry with both being a bit susceptible to cracking from the rain. The main difference, however, is that the Tieton cherry blooms earlier than the Bing. Both are self-infertile, but the Tieton can cross-pollinate with the Bing.

In grocery stores, owners love to put Tieton cherries on display because of their size and firmness. They are rather large with a dark red coloring that is glossy, which is attractive to customers. This cherry contains approximately 16-18% sugar.

Eating Tieton cherries plain is always an option. If you’d like to prepare something with them, consider a wine or a cider. Many people have had good experiences with this. Almost all cherries make great jams too, and the Tieton cherry is not too sweet to make pie filling from. They can even be used to add a mild sweetness to salads if you’re feeling experimental.

Some people are fond of turning Tieton cherries into a hard cider. This is because the tastes works so well as one, but also because they get to reap the health benefits of cherries in the process. If you’re consuming alcohol, it’s nice to be taking in vitamin C, vitamin A, and antioxidants at the same time. It’s a simple way to keep yourself healthier while still having fun!

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