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Tomatoes for a Healthy Life

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TomatoesMore often than not, tomato is mistakenly believed to be a vegetable when in fact it’s a fruit. Yes, tomato is a fruit. And it is a fruit that contains one of the most powerful anti-oxidant ever discovered called Lycopene. Therefore, it can be a great antioxidant fruit drink.

The tomato is considered to be one of the miracle fruits today. Drinking one glass of tomato juice a day can keep you healthy for life because of its rich lycopene content. Lycopene naturally flushes out free radicals from your body. Studies have shown that lycopene is a natural killer of cancer cells. Having said that, the tomato can help prevent cancer from occurring.

Moreover, lycopene will keep your heart healthy. Not only does it kill cancer cells, but it also flushes out cholesterol from your body giving you a healthy heart. It prevents any kind of heart disease that can cause an early death.

Any kind of preparation of tomato will do. May it be fresh or manufactured, for as long as it is tomato then it is rich in antioxidants. So be sure to keep tomatoes on top of your list to have a healthy heart and mind for life.

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