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Travel to Fruit

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Exotic Fruit

Travel to Fruit

Have you ever thought to travel to fruit? That is travel to pick your favorite fruit from its vines? Or traveling to find a completely new fruit that isn’t available in your local grocery store? Some hard-to-find fruit that can only be eaten off the vine/branch are Carambola, Soursop, Tahitian Lime, White Sapote, Sapodilla, Black Sapote, Jakfruit, Rollinia, & Roseapple. Most of these aren’t in the grocery store because there is no way to get them to the store without the fruit bruising or going bad. They are really really delicate finicky fruit, but good fun to try!

What if you could eat the Acai Berry from it’s stem or eat fresh fruit all day long. This page contains links to various fruit farms and fruit orchards that allow for tasting of fruit from their vines. You can also be adventuresome and inquire about local fruit farms and orchards near your home or near wherever you are traveling to. If you know of a fruit farm or orchard that should add to our list, please contact

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Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm

Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm
Lot 5 Nicole Drive
Cape Tribulation
Queensland, 4873
Tel: 0740 980057
Fax: 0740 980067
[email protected]
Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm

Check out this video of Tropical Fruit World and then you can follow the link if you are interested further. is a website where you can find local berry growers and other fruit growers nearby you–another great way to travel to fruit. It is packed full of valuable information and defiantioxidant-fruits.comtely worth a little bit of investigation. In addition the the 50 United States, also has information for the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom

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Tropical Fruit World – Australia

Of course, you don’t have to go to a destination solely to eat some fruit. For example, you could travel to fruit in the Hainan province in China and sample different fruit ranging in various types and see which fruit looks the best and most interesting. This is a very amateur video of the possibilities of finding fresh fruit when you travel. Of course, it will be easier to get fruit in tropical areas or in the summertime in the less tropical areas.

Beaupre Farm, Tasmaantioxidant-fruits.coma, Australia

Calvin’s Nashi Pear Fruit Blog

A college kid in Japan went to a Nashi Pear Fruit Farm in Japan. The blog that he has on it is very interesting and worth the read if you have the time. The information for the farm is pasted directly below.

Mr Higuchi
Pear Plantation
Niigata ken, Kamo shi,
Yamashima Shinden 748
Tel: 0256-53-1037

Ojito Orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc Farm – near Velarde, New Mexico is looking for fruit farms and orchards all around the world to add to this site. If you have a fruit farm or orchard that you have visited, please let know about your travel to fruit location or submit Your Travel to Fruit Story below in the comments section.

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