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Traverse Bay Farms

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Traverse Bay FarmsFrom Bellaire, Michigan, Traverse Bay Farms is a company with a goal of providing fruit products that are new, innovative and delicious. It was founded by Jenantioxidant-fruits.comfer LaPointe who wanted a venue where she could promote healthy living through fruits and vegetables from a local market.

From there, Traverse Bay Farms grew to be the first company to offer automatic delivery of cherry juice concentrate, fruit supplements and dried fruits on a monthly basis to its clients. Eventually, the company came out with its own brand of products named Fruit Advantage.

Locking in on the antioxidant qualities of fruits and its beneficial effects on your health, Traverse Bay Farms offers several kinds of products. These are Super Fruit Capsules, Super Fruit Concentrates, Dried Super Fruits, Award Winning Fruit Salsas and Fruit BBQ Salsas.

The antioxidant fruits featured in their products are apricots, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, pomegranate, tart cherries and cranberries.

More than simply selling products, Traverse Bay Farms continues to educate and promote wellness through its Orchard of Health section. This is where you can learn more about antioxidant fruits and the health benefits you can get from them.

You  might have noticed that Traverse Bay Farms is the first company to sponsor our first giveaway on

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Laura Anderson

Sunday 9th of August 2015

I am interested in purchasing your dried fruit but I am concerned about any pesticides that may be used on your products. Do you grow without pesticides and use natural fertilizers verses chemical fertilizers? Thank you.