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Two Moms in the Raw Cookbook – Available Now for Preorder

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Two Moms in the Raw: Simple, Clean, Irresistible Recipes for Your Family's HealthShari Leidich, founder of Two Moms in the Raw has written a beautiful cookbook – TWO MOMS  IN  THE  RAW:  Simple,  Clean,  Irresistible  Recipes  for  Your  Family’s  Health. The cookbook highlights both raw and cooked recipes that are focused on helping all people incorporate healthy foods into their diet.  Shari thinks of food as medicine and believes what you eat can truly change your life.

TWO MOMS IN THE RAW is a guide to eating well for anyone who wants to get back on track, enjoy greater vitality, reduce stress, and achieve their best health.

The cookbook is selling for $22.00, is available now for pre-order and ships out on May 5, 2015.  You can preorder here or on:

Two Moms in the Raw Cookbook Preorder

TWO MOMS IN THE RAW offers 130-plus dishes, broken down into chapters based on meal: juices and smoothies; breakfast; dips; soups; salads; veggie mains; fish, poultry, and beef; and sweet treats and snacks.

Here’s a video I put together showing the copy of the cookbook that we got:

In addition to the recipes, Shari offers insight on her preferred ingredients, kitchen equipment, and  “household  healers,”. She also offers easy, healthy kitchen swaps like: replacing butter with coconut oil, using fruit or coconut or date sugar instead of refined sugars, and many more useful tips.

Check out this video of Shari talking about her new cookbook:

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