Type 2 Diabetes and Dragon Fruit

Type 2 Diabetes and Dragon FruitType 2 Diabetes is the most common kind of diabetes. You are diagnosed with it when your body ignores insulin or your body is not producing enough insulin. Insulin is what transforms the glucose in your system into energy. When the sugar in your blood is not transmitted to cells, you have a big chance of acquiring type 2 diabetes.

Dragon Fruit is a fruit with a thin fuchsia rind which you can easily peel off. Inside the fruit is a juicy, sweet and sometimes tangy pulp with tiny black seeds. This fruit is eaten by royalty in Southeast Asian countries and is sometimes a bit expensive due to its rarity. The Dragon Fruit is also known as the Pitaya. It has high antioxidant content and helps in controlling the glucose level in type 2 diabetes patients.

Studies have shown that the sugar level of diabetic patients are significantly lowered when other low sugar diets are replaced with that of a dragon fruit diet. The dragon fruit is also high in Vitamin C and fiber.

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