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U Pick Farms

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U Pick Farms

U Pick FarmsU Pick Farms are places where you and your family can enjoy a fruit-picking activity that’s both fun and nutritious. For an entrance fee, you can bring your family to harvest the farm’s produce all on your own. The produce for pick your farms vary. Some produce can be vegetables like cabbages, asparagus, lima beans, peppers, squash and spinach. Other produce are fruits like strawberries, plums, grapes, peaches, cherries and apples.

Pick your own fruit farms are most popular among children. This is due to the fact that while harvesting the their fruits of choice, they also get to eat them right there and then. Unlike vegetables which often need to be cooked, fruit are more appealing due to their read to eat quality.

Fruit picking farms can be found all over the US. You can check for a list of nearby U pick farms in your area for the harvest schedule, list of activities you can join and tours or packages you can avail.

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