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Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden

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Uncommon Fruits for Every GardenUncommon Fruits for Every Garden

A well-thought of book on growing fruits other than blackberries on your own backyard, Lee Reich gives you “Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden“. This book presents 23 fruits you might have not thought of growing but promises to yield a tasty and abundant source of nutrition and delicious treats.

Some of the featured fruits include juneberry, medlar, beach plum, shipova and pawpaw. Aside from the uncommon fruits, Reich also dedicated a portion of the book on nomenclature, and the importance of pollination. There is another section on siting and planting, as well as for pruning and propagation.

On each fruit cited, the book gives you some pertinent information like its history, botanical name, common names or slang, what type of plant it is (i.e. shrub, tree), how pollination occurs, and when can you harvest it. It is gardening and a bit of farming put into one easy practical use. All the fruits are carefully chosen according to its easy cultivation and care, its adaptability to withstand cold and temperate weather.

This book is ideal for gardeners and fruit lovers who loves a challenge and are ready to embark on a new adventure in their own garden.

It sells on for $15.30 and is eligible for Amazon’s FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

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