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Uses of Dragon Fruit Plants

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Uses of Dragon Fruit Plants

The dragon fruit is a fruit that goes with many names. It is also called the Pitaya, Lady of the Night, Dragon Pearl Fruit, Moonflower, Strawberry Pear, Cinderella Plant, Cactus Fruit, Belle of the Night, Night-Blooming Cereus and more.

dragon fruit juiceMore than just a member of antioxidant fruits that you can eat raw, dragon fruit slices can be chilled and served with other fruits, all-purpose cream and nuts. This fruit can be made into jams, purees, sherbets and juices.

Other Uses of Dragon Fruit Plants:

  • the vines can become a garden addition and attraction on your fences or trellis
  • it can help relieve some endocrine discomfort
  • it can help manage some stomach disorders
  • it can help keep blood sugar levels stable
  • it can help lower the risk of hypertension and some heart diseases
  • it can be a good source of vitamins that can improve and keep your eyesight healthy
  • the unopened flower buds of this plant can be added to salads and even cooked
  • slices of the fruit can become a garnish for drinks and dishes
  • it can also be included as an ingredient in making a fruit pizza
  • it can also be added to fruit cocktails and other alcoholic beverages

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