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Uses of Oranges

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Uses of OrangesUses of Oranges

Known to be rich in vitamins and antioxidants, oranges is also popularly used in many ways. Here are five common uses of oranges:

  1. Oranges are used to treat canker sores and acne. Rubbing orange peel on the affected area helps in making the sores heal better and improves your acne condition.
  2. Oranges are also used to repel fire ants. Its tangy smell somehow annoys the fire ants and its acidic content aids in annihilating them.
  3. One of the best use for oranges is to take advantage of its strong fruity smell. Orange peels are often used in making perfumes, scented candles, potpourri and other fragrance products. Placing a sachet of dried orange flowers and peels in a certain area in your home can keep your house smelling nice.
  4. The strong fragrant smell of oranges is also used in aromatherapy. People who have psychological ailments find the smell relaxing. Orange oils are used to help relieve emotional stress and is somehow has a calming effect.
  5. In some cultures, if you have a fever, drinking orange juice is a home remedy that can help you get better in no time.

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