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Vita Mix 3600

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Vita Mix 3600Some people prefer fruit juices over eating fruits. Often the element of convenience comes into the scene but when it comes to nutritional value, eating whole fruits pack more punch. When you drink juice from a plastic bottle or carton, not all processes can retain the natural nutritious value of a fruit. When you eat a fruit, you get additional benefits from the fiber found on rinds, pith and peel. For your sweet tooth, you’ll find fructose, a natural sugar found in fruits.

So why not try to use a Vita Mix 3600 and make your own fruit juice or smoothie? With the best blender around, try a sweet and tangy smoothie made from papaya and kiwi. Mix in some vaantioxidant-fruits.comlla yogurt, a tablespoon of lime juice and light agave nectar for a yummy smoothie rich in protein, fiber and calcium.

On a different level, how about putting a healthy twist on cocktails? Blend sparkling wine 15with freshly squeezed orange juice and pomegranate juice in a Vitamix mixer for a frothy and healthy mixed drink that’s high on Vitamin C.

Got any more juicy recipes to share? Leave us a comment below or share them on Facebook.

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