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Vita Mix Juicer

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Vita Mix JuicerVita Mix Juicer

With children eating almost anything without thought of whether the food is nutritious, as parents, you are responsible on providing healthy snack alternatives that can appeal to your child’s taste. This is often not as simple as it sounds since most kids nowadays prefer sugary sweets or sour candies and other foods that have too much saturated fat, cholesterol and sugar.

With the help of a Vita Mix Juicer, you can make a smoothie out of your kid’s favorite fruit, blended with wheat germ and yogurt. Instead of giving them sodas, colas or softdrinks, serve them a fruit smoothie filled with nutritious goodness.

As for parents, blend some ripe bananas, a dash of milk and honey with ice using the best mixer out there, the Vita-Mix 1300 Turbo Blend 4500. Known to be an aphrodisiac, this milkshake is packed with Vitamin B and potassium. It can also help regulate your blood sugar and calm your stomach if you’re experiencing loose bowel movement.

Aside from shakes and smoothies, what else can you offer your kids as healthy snacks? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or leave a comment here.

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