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Vita Mix Juicers

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Vita Mix JuicersThere comes a time when you can get into a fruit rut. This means you keep on buying the same fruit over and over again. With the season of winter, this is a chance for you to go out and grab a few unlikely fruits that are nutritious and delicious and possibly help break your fruit rut.

Here are 3 choice winter fruits to try:

Cranberries – known to aid on curing urinary tract infections, they are often bitter and sour to eat fresh. Mix cranberries in a Vita-Mix 1300 TurboBlend 4500 with apples or pears to balance out its sour and bitter taste.

Grapefruit – a good immune booster fruit, eating half of it gives you 70% of your required dose of Vitamin C in a day. Peel and eat a whole fruit as a snack in between meals and you’ll find yourself lose weight. This is due to its pectin and fiber content.

Pomegranates – they are also called as the “jewels of winter”. They are also known to help lower cholesterol, manage type 2 diabetes and prostate cancer. Whip them up into a juice with one of the amazing  Vita Mix Juicers to get the most of its antioxidant qualities.

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