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Vitamix 4500

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Vitamix 4500It’s a given that there are many ways on how to go about healthy eating. A positive outlook is one of them. Eating and drinking in moderation is a wise decision because you tend to decrease the chances of having intense cravings that often leads to food bingeing and lets you stray from your diet.

One drink that you can try that is packed with Vitamin D, calcium and Vitamin C is a fruit juice made from soy milk, strawberries, yogurt, blueberries, bananas and orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc pumpkin flaxseed granola. Blend all of these ingredients in a Vitamix 4500 to have a complete drink that’s tasty and good for your body.

Vitamix 4500You may also try to come up with other fruit juice recipes with Vitamix blenders that are delicious and nutritious. Pick out your favorite fruit and mix it up with some crushed ice or all-purpose cream. Make a common recipe uantioxidant-fruits.comquely yours by adding other food groups in the ingredients like other low-fat milk and dairy products and nuts.

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Thursday 26th of May 2011

Your web site is the only one that I have come accreoss with using nuts in fruit drinks and I am going to give that a try. Thank you