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Vitamix Soup Recipes

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Vitamix Soup Recipes

Vitamix Soup Recipes mushroom soupIf you have only been using your Vitamix for fruit smoothies, you are missing out on a whole world of great Vitamix options, particularly Vitamix soup recipes. Whether you are looking to try something new and unusual or you just want to try a blended version of a classic recipe, there are so many different options. Here are just a few of these great recipes for Vitamix soups:


If your goal is to slim down by eating healthy veggie soups, or you are on the Vitamix diet, here are a few recipes to try:

  • Winter Greens Soup. If you are a fan of the Vitamix green smoothie, you might enjoy this equally antioxidant-packed winter soup. Use your Vitamix to perfectly puree a sautéed mixture of spinach, kale, zucchini, celery, tomatoes and leek along with garlic and a few other spices—smooth, healthy and delicious.
  • Kale and Leek Soup. If you don’t have too many greens in the house, this simpler green soup recipe includes only kale and leek with a flavorful blend of spices. Throw half of the soup in the Vitamix for a smooth puree and mix in the rest from the stovetop for a unique blend of textures.


Looking for something to warm you up during the cold months? Try these cozy options:

  • Harvest Cheddar Soup. For a warm and hearty fall flavor, try this creamy blend of cheese, potatoes, and vegetables with granny smith apples for tart kick. If you want to make this meal a little healthier, try pairing a small portion of the soup with fresh salad and a simple Vitamix vinaigrette.
  • Corn Chowder. This classic soup features a creamy blend of potatoes and other fall flavors, with the crunchy addition of some fresh corn cooked on the stovetop for a texture twist.


Too tired to spend much time over the stove after work? Luckily, there are plenty of easy options that are much more healthy and interested than a heated up can of whatever is in your pantry:

  • Japanese Miso-Shiitake Soup. For a quick but unique Vitamix soup, try this blend of mushrooms, ginger, garlic and scallions, spiced with miso and soy sauce—takes only six minutes to prepare and blend!
  • Gazpacho. This chilled soup takes just sixteen minutes to make, and most of the ingredients are probably already in your kitchen. Blend together some fresh vegetables including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions, with a bit of hot sauce for flavor. This soup can also be served over more chopped vegetables for some added crunch.

There are so many different Vitamix soup recipes to experiment with, whether you are looking for new ideas for healthy soups, or just something easy and satisfying to throw together on a weeknight.

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