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Weiser Farms

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Weiser Family FarmsFounded in 1977 by Sidney Weiser with wife Racquel and with branches in California, USA at the Lucerne Valley, Tehachapi and Greater Bakersfield area,  Weiser Family Farms specialize in providing quality fruit crops and vegetables all year. A family-run fruit farm, children Dan, Esther and Alex also joined in managing the farm. Weiser Family Farms began its operations of growing fruit trees like pears, apples and peaches. Eventually, it grew to include flowers and vegetables.

Catering to different restaurants in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Diego, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Napa Valley, Weiser Family Farms supplies fruits and vegetables to top chefs and star-quality establishments. Aside from fruit like the Cavaillon melons (a french breakfast melon), it offers a variety of potatoes (purple, heirloom mix, banana fingerlings, purple pruvians, Ozette fingerlings, red thumbs fingerlings, french fingerlings, ruby crecent and La Ratte fingerlings), carrots (yellow, Nantes, purple haze, white and purple rain), beets (Chiogga, golden, and red) and more. Some notable vegetables are the Romanesco Cauliflower, Red Carrots (that are pink inside), Jerusalem Artichokes and Butternut Squash.

Have you visited any Weiser fruit and vegetable stands at the Farmer’s Market? We welcome your comments on this here or you can let us know through Facebook.

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