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What Are Proanthocyanins And How Can They Help You

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Proanthocyanins are a distinctive class of flavonoid, and was discovered in 1946 by a researcher from France who was doing studies on peanut skins, and its effect on circulation and heart disease. Upon doing his research, he found one compound called proanthocyanidin or proanthocyanins which he discovered to be very effective in the protection of vascular walls inside human body. Vascular walls is human tissue that surrounds and guards your veins and arteries. And in 1986, this was considered the most useful product, and to their amazement, purple grapes especially in the seed extract contained vast amount of proanthocyanins.

In general, how can these classes help you? Proanthocyanidins offer plenty of health benefits. It builds up your vascular walls including your smallest capillaries. This keeps your blood vessels fit and prevents heart diseases. It facilitates in the collagen formation, called a building block in every cell in human body. Other benefits include: It aids with edema and varicose veins prevention; Improvement of eyesight infections due to environmental factors like computer screens, sun, smoke and other eye pollutants; Enhancement in Vitamin C’s functions; And helps in the protection of your heart and prevention of heart diseases. It also makes cell membranes become stronger, thus making histamine difficult to escape. Since proanthocyanidins contains antihistamine action, it blocks any allergic reactions to your body.

Known to be a great antioxidant, it is the reason why antioxidant fruits, such as purple grapes and other grapeseed or grapeskin are recommended to be eaten for health reasons and prevention of heart disease.

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