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What Do You Know About the Tropical Jicama?

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JicamaWhat do you know about Jícama? It is not really an antioxidant rich fruit at all, but the root of a vine from Mexico. The outside is a brown to yellow and paper like while the inside is white and has a crisp watery texture similar to an Asian pear or water chestnut.

Many people compare it to a raw potato because it is crisp and starchy. But it has a sweet flavor that is similar to a fruit. It can be cut up and is often eaten with dips or salsas, put in salads, added to the very last step in a stir fry dish, or put into a fruit salad for its desirable crunch.

In it’s native location it’s often sprinkled with chilies, doused with fresh squeezed lemon or lime or paired with cilantro to give it a sweet and sour quality. It cannot be refrigerated, but will keep up to two months in a cool, dry place.

Jícama is high in dietary fiber and is a good snack for hydration. While it is not like one of the strong antioxidant fruits, it contains the prebiotic oligofructose inulin also known as fructo-oligosaccharide. It is high in the vitamins B, C, and A and the minerals calcium and phosphorus.

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