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What Is Your Favorite Fruit?

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We know you’re out there and reading, so there must be a reason for it!  We want to know if you have a favorite fruit!

I certainly do, but it took me awhile to know that it was my favorite fruit.  I am 30 years old and never seemed to be much a fan of fruit.

I think watermelon was my favorite fruit.  How lame is that?

But in my mid-20s I discovered raspberries.  Although raspberries are pretty common place, I really was sort of grossed out by them.  However, now I love their texture.

Picking raspberries outside of Middlebury, VT

Picking raspberries outside of Middlebury, VT

I got my Masters in Spanish from Middleburry College, so in the summers, when we weren’t in class, we would go and pick raspberries.  There are small raspberry growers all over Vermont.  Usually, they will have a plywood sign that they have painted.  Something along the lines of, “Pick Raspberries Here.”

They hand you a little basket and everything you can fit into the basket is yours for $3-$4.  The best thing is when they tell you that you can go ahead and taste test while you are picking out your raspberries.

There is nothing like a warm, ripe Vermont raspberry!  YUM!  However, you can eat too many and then pay the price in the bathroom later!  However, it is a price I am willing to pay to over endulge in raspberries.

So, we want to know what is your favorite fruit?  Why?  How did it become your favorite fruit?  Comment below and let us know.  If it’s an unusal fruit, let us know where it comes from, what the health benefits are (if you know of any) and where to find it.

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