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What Recipes Are Lychee Fruit Used In

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What Recipes Are Lychee Fruit Used In?

Since the lychee fruit is nutritious and contains lots of health benefits, there are vast of delicious recipes made out of it. When you search on the net, you will see actually hundreds of recipes with lychee as one of its main ingredients. Apart from it being the main ingredient, these lychee fruits are also naturally added to fruit salads and plenty of natural lychees are added in desserts as well. Some of the common salads with lychee fruits added are in chicken salads or they simply stir fry the fruits for some sweet touches. In addition, most of the people who love to eat lychee used it in a sweet-and-sour recipe sauces and dessert sauces.

Aside from this antioxidant fruit being excellent to be eaten as it is, and being naturally added in chicken salads, desserts and fruit salads, lychees are also being used in making ice cream, syrups and delicious jams with lychee being the main element. There is also a famous drink known as Lychee Martini. Delicious lychee fruit recipes are candied dried lychees; spiced nuts with candied lychees; drop doughnuts lychee; roll-ups made of lychee; stuffed lychees; tropical fruit lychee aalsa plus cinnamon chips; and wolfgang’s sweet lychee spring rolls with lychee sauce.

Famous beverages made from lychee are lychee bellini; lychee cocktail; and lychee cosmopolitan and a lot more beverages. Famous lychee desserts are baked lychees; lychee ice; lychee doughnuts; lychee pudding and a lot more desserts.

Do you use the lychee in your recipes?  What do you make that also has the lychee fruit in it?

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