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Where to Buy Fresh Fruit Online

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It can be especially difficult to find fresh fruit in stores sometimes. Whether you’re living in a small town with limited options, in a big city with transportation issues, or simply would prefer to have your fruit delivered directly to you (what a great advantage of technology for us!), you now have the choice of doing so. The question now is where to start.

Local Harvest is a great service that links local farmers with people like you, who would love some fresh fruit but may not have access to it. Using this directory, they Local Harvestestablish contact between you and the small farm nearest you that has the fruits you want. This idea has enabled them to help local farmers keep up with farms owned by big business. In this way, Local Harvest allows these farmers to survive in the Internet/social media age. Their website provides not only fresh fruit that is currently in season, but also juices, purees, dried fruits that are out of season. This means you can get antioxidant fruits with a few clicks. These fruits include: blueberries, cranberries, oranges, passion fruit, pomegranates, star fruit, and more. Check out some reviews of their services on Google, and you’ll like what you see.

From the FarmAnother option is From the Farm who aim to keep even exotic fruits in stock. Just keep in mind that some fruit’s antioxidant properties fade after harvest (like acai berry) so you should stick to juice unless you have them locally. From the Farm offers plums, cherries, limes, oranges, pears, and tropical fruits like dragon fruit and guava shipped directly from local farms to you.

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