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Where to Buy Fresh Fruit

Share this post: is looking for places where to buy fresh fruit. Yes, of course, you can go to your local farmer’s market and go to your grocery store, but where else can you buy fruit that might be out of season in your area of the country, but is fresh in season in another part of the country?

There are many family farmers that are looking to sell their products to people that are near them. There is an excellent website called, “Local Harvest” where you can buy fresh fruit, including some of the fruits featured on this website, like: blueberries, cranberries, pears, pomegranate and passion fruit. A link to that website is below.

If you know of a website or a local place where you can buy fresh fruit, please contact! or if you are a fresh fruit farmer and are looking for additional ways to sell your harvest, please consider advertising with us.

Local’s Store


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