White Sapote

White sapote is from Mexico, Central and South America. The white sapote is actually closely related to citrus fruit. This can be confusing because the black sapote is closely related to the persimmon, not the white sapote at all. The reason that this fruit can often be confused because of this particular name is because the term “sapot” was actually an Aztec word that described sweet, soft fruits of any type.

The strong antioxidant fruit is related to the plum only without an edible skin. The fruit is ripe when the outer skin turns from green to yellow. Varieties of this fruit greatly change in taste. Some have been described as flan like while others have been compared to a peach, a pear or a banana. In most varieties the flesh is white and similar in texture to an avocado.

Researchers have had their eyes on this fruit for almost 50 years. In that time they have studied it for it’s cancer fighting properties. This fruit with unique antioxidants shows great potential specifically against colon cancer due to the seeds containg  N-methylhistamine, N-dimethylhistamine and zapotin.

The benefits and uses of fruits have been well documented with this one being known for making people sleepy and the seeds have been said to be an alternative to narcotic painkillers.