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Whittier Fruit Farm

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Whittier Fruit FarmWhittier Fruit Farm

The Whittier Fruit Farm began its operations in 1974 as a pick your own fruit farm with apples as its main fruit. During fall, the farm opens to accommodate families ready to start filling their baskets with apples.

The fruit farm eventually branched out to grow pumpkins, apricots, raspberries, sweet cherries and a few variety of plums. The Russell family also opened a store inside the farm, storing ice cream and fruit for sale.

Located at 219 Whittier Road Rochester, New York, USA, the Whittier fruit farm welcomes school tours to help educate children about farming and agriculture in a fun way. It also aims to inculcate the love for eating healthy food (fruits and vegetables).

As for picking your own fruit, Whittier farm lets you choose among different apple varieties, doughnut peaches and sweet cherries. Pumpkin picking is also available when in season. As for blueberries, a different pick your own fruit farm (Russell’s U-Pick Blueberries) is located at Lake Ontario, Niagara County near the Somerset power plant.

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