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Which Fruits Help to Bust Cholesterol?

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Who are the Cholesterol Busters?Which Fruits Help to Bust Cholesterol?

Sometimes, when we get unbelievably busy in a day, it is only natural that we tend to eat food that are easy to eat with zero preparation and often, zero nutritional value. Although we know that our cholesterol count is important, we sometimes disregard its value over the need to be full. Quantity over quality.

To recover our health and keep our bodies fit and strong, we need the “cholesterol busters“. They are fruits with a purpose and that’s to kick bad cholesterol out of your system. Here are the top fruits under this category:

  • Prunes it’s common knowledge that prunes are one of the best sources for pectin. This is the soluble fiber that coats your intestines and acts like a sieve to gather the cholesterol from the food you ate.
  • Oranges- studies have shown that drinking 2 to 3 glasses of orange juice in a day can lower the HDL levels by 21% and LDL levels are decreased by 16%.
  • Avocados rich in mono-unsaturated fat, the avocado can lower your LDL by 17%.

Aside from eating these fruits, you should continue to exercise and get plenty of sleep to manage your cholesterol levels. What do you think of them? Let us know below or join our discussion on Facebook.

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