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Why Buy Dragon Fruit?

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Why Buy Dragon FruitMore and more people are asking online where to buy dragon fruit. These queries are often on where the store is located as most supermarkets don’t carry this fruit too often. Answers are mostly to check out Asian markets in your locality because dragon fruit is mostly imported from Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and more Asian countries although the fruit was said to come originally from Central and South America.

Also known as pitaya, dragon fruit has become popular because of its attractive appearance. The hot pink with yellow green tips on its peel and with its almost heart like shape is defiantioxidant-fruits.comtely eye-catching. But more than its looks, the dragon fruit holds a delightful pulp that’s juicy and dotted with tiny black seeds that adds texture to its taste.

The dragon fruit’s taste is watery with a tang of sourness and a dash of sweetness. In Malaysia, it is often munched on with plum powder (actually, almost all fruits there are eaten with plum powder). Fruit product manufacturers also recognized this unique fruit and it has been included in flavors of various products.

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