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Why Do Apples Make Me Burp?

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For many people worldwide, apples are now the go-to snack between meetings, while on road trips, or simply when wanting something refreshing and healthy. They come in many colors and tastes and are enjoyable to nibble on.

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Apples have been around for so long and are so versatile that they can be used in many different ways. From being the main ingredient in pies to being juiced into invigorating drinks, apples make for excellent antioxidant fruits and snacks.

Besides being tasty, they’re also packed with tremendous health benefits that can be felt in the short- and long term. However, they also come with slight setbacks, such as their ability to give you gas. So do apples make you burp? In short, the answer is yes. But before we can take a closer look at that, let’s find out everything there is to know about apples.

What’s In an Apple?

Countless studies and personal information gathered from people worldwide show us that apples are some of nature’s most nutritious health gems. They are a great antioxidant source and contain the minerals and vitamins you need to boost your immune system, regardless of whether it’s during the cold or warm season.

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Having said this, it’s important to note these are the nutrients you can expect to benefit from when eating 100g of apple, as per an official nutritional value:

Calories – 95
Fat – 0.3g
Sodium – 1.8mg
Carbohydrates – 25g
Fiber – 4.4g
Sugars – 18.9g
Protein – 0.5g
Beta carotene
Vitamin K
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Vitamins B1, B2, B6

As you can see, a typical apple is loaded with the type of nutrients that will not only help you strengthen your immune system and prevent certain diseases from occurring but that will also help you treat certain health conditions:


  • For example, the polyphenols contained in an apple are your body’s best ally against heart disease.
  • One study, Fruit consumption, and risk of type 2 diabetes: results from three prospective longitudinal cohort studies, shows that regularly consuming apples may even lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. The same polyphenols may help prevent tissue damage to beta cells in your pancreas – the cells that produce insulin.
  • Apples also contain pectin, a fiber whose role is to feed the good bacteria in your gut, acting like a prebiotic. This same reason is behind the claim that apples are good against type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.
  • Apart from this, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that apples bring to the table may play an important part in cancer prevention.
  • Another impressive health benefit of apples on the human body is helping protect your lungs from oxidative damage, as this study shows A Comprehensive Review of Apples and Apple Components and Their Relationship to Human Health. The same compound may make apples an excellent aid in promoting bone density and health.
  • When talking about the benefits of apples, they’re mostly noted as benefits from eating the raw parts of the apple: the peel and the flesh. However, it seems that apple juice has an extra potent benefit that’s more oriented toward your brain’s health.
  • Apples also contain plenty of antioxidants that help the body maintain its youthful feel and look. Antioxidants are compounds that effectively fight off the damaging free radicals that enter the human body via smoking, alcohol consumption, and a polluted environment. Unfortunately, free radicals accelerate the body’s natural aging process, causing the cells to lose their integrity and youthfulness. However, apples, these unique antioxidant fruits, are excellent in staving off these harmful effects on the body.

Having said all this, it’s no wonder the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ has been standing ground for so long and is still a source of truth.

Why Do Apples Make You Burp?

All apparent benefits aside, you may have noticed something particular about apples: why do apples make me burp? Apples are among those fruits that can leave you feeling gassy and bloated. This is due to their high fructose content – fructose is otherwise known as fruit sugar, a compound that not everyone can digest properly. Sorbitol is actually the main culprit here – this is where that feeling of bloatedness comes from.

This, in turn, will turn into a need to eliminate all this extra air caught up in your digestive system, and you will most likely feel the need to burp. This is perfectly natural when consuming apples. One way to reduce this impact on the body is to take time and chew your apple slowly and thoroughly. You will immediately notice this difference in how it affects your digestive system.

If this is an issue for you, it’s best to leave apples aside and try eating other less gas-inducing fruits. Berries are the perfect substitute in this instance.

So now that you know the answer to the question ‘Why does eating apples make me burp?’, you can start eating them in moderation and, most recommended, together with the skin since it contains insoluble fiber – the very compound you need to best aid digestion. You can also drink water after eating an apple since water helps speed up digestion.

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How Do You Store Apples?

With all their tremendous benefits on the human body, apples can be no good if you don’t store them properly. However, there are specific tips & tricks to try out if you want to enjoy these beautiful juicy, fresh fruits for as long as possible.

If you plan on eating the apples you’ve bought or picked within the next 2-3 days from the moment you brought them home, you can quickly leave them on the counter. However, make sure to switch their position from time to time because apples give off ethylene which causes them to go bad faster and spread it from one to the other. Before you know it, if you don’t pay attention, all your apples will have gone bad from that one apple.

If you want to eat them later, store them in the refrigerator, straight in the crisper drawer. This way, the apples can last for even up to a month.

Each type of apple will have a different shelf life, whether you’re keeping it on the counter or in your refrigerator. Thicker-skinned apples, such as Granny Smith ones, will last longer. You can expect to have these apples fresh on your counter for as long as one week.

How Can You Make the Best of Your Apples?

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Perhaps the best thing about apples is how versatile they really are – you can find endless ways to use them and integrate them into your day-to-day life:

  • Eat them raw – You can pack an apple or two for yourself wherever you are or wherever you plan on going. There are thousands of varieties, each with unique taste, shape, flavor, juiciness, and color.
  • Include them in your breakfast – Regardless if they’re dry or raw, you can mix them up with some Greek yogurt and delicious muesli, and you’ll have a delicious and very nutritious breakfast. You can make the fruit combination that best suits your taste while also remembering that apples cause burping, so don’t pair them with other gassy fruits such as pears, peaches, and prunes.
  • Juice them up – Apple juice is among the healthiest and most refreshing. If you have many apples in your hand, don’t hesitate to squeeze them into an excellent nutritious drink. You can take sips throughout the day, regardless of whether you’re on the couch, biking, or commuting to work.
  • Have them guest-star in salads – That’s right. A salad can be turned around with a little twist. Create your own salad mix according to your taste, and add apple shreds to switch it up.
  • Use them in desserts – If you like experimenting in the kitchen, know there’s a wide array of apple dessert recipes you can try, with varying degrees of difficulty. Whether it’s a creamy vanilla porridge with brown sugar apples, apples, and cinnamon creme caramel cakes or apple and berry pies with homemade custard, be sure that these apples will pleasantly tickle all your taste buds. Apart from this, apple desserts are healthy and readily substituted for supermarket-bought sweets.

Apart from this, you can also turn apples into jams, add them to soups or coleslaws, grill them, and make them into chutney or relish. You can also bake them into chips or turn them into a marinade.

There are endless possibilities to use apples, and you’ll need your creativity to unlock them. The result will definitely change how you eat and approach your diet. They may quickly turn you into an even more mindful person. This kind of carefully prepares their daily diet to benefit their physical and mental health.

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Even when not consuming them raw, apples will still have the same effect on the human body – they may make you bloated and burp, granted a bit less than when fresh off the vine.

At the end of the day, apples are nature’s superfruits and are highly accessible worldwide. Out of the over 7,000 apple varieties that exist worldwide, there’s a perfect taste, flavor, and color for everyone. So whether buying them at your local farmer’s market, at a hypermarket, or simply picking them off the branch by yourself, you’ll find apples can be your best ally throughout your day-to-day life.

How have you been using apples, and what’s your favorite way to consume them? Did you also notice apple causes belching? If so, share this information with us below, so other apple fans can find new ways to incorporate these wonder fruits into their diets.

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