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Xocai – The Healthy Chocolate!

An independent distributor of Xocai, Healthy Chocolate sent some product to try.

The Healthy Chocolate is a company that makes High in Antioxidants Dark Chocolate products. Their products are high in fiber, and are rich in unprocessed, non-alkalized non-fermented Cacao powder. The also have a high ORAC value. You can watch a video of the product to learn more about it.

Xocai is a Multi-Level Marketing Company, which means you can sign up to be a distributor of this product or you can simply buy it at wholesale prices, if you buy frequently enough.

The Compensation Plan takes a while to download, but it has all the information you need, including the residual potential. Auto-ship is based on wholesale prices. You just have to purchase one case ($110.00 plus S&H) every 4 weeks on autoship to receive wholesale prices. It is one of the highest antioxidant-rich food you can consume.

Terressa says, “My husband and I have had awesome results with Xocai Healthy Chocolate. He was able to get off of his high blood pressure medication, I lost 13 pounds in about 2 months, and many other benefits we have been able to see.”

As far as is concerned, we were impressed with the taste of the product–we tried the Nuggets, Power Squares and the cookies. All very good and all very dark chocolate tasting! The the cookies were more of chewy granola type of taste, but tasty nonetheless. We didn’t receive enough product to figure out if it really encourages weight loss or reduces high blood pressure, but we have no reason to doubt Terressa either. We understand that natural options like Xocai take awhile to make improvements in your body and you will not witness such a change overantioxidant-fruits.comght.

Here is a list of their products:

If you want to get in touch with Terressa and ask her additional questions, please contact her.

Do you have an idea of a product that should be reviewed or have you had your eyes on a product, but just not sure if you want to buy it? If so, please contact and let us know your thoughts!


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