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Zola Brazilian Superfruits to Aid Your Digestion

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Zola Brazilian Superfruits Acai Berry Puree, 46-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)The sweet little acai berry is the fruit of a palm tree that grows mostly in the tropical rainforests in South America. The nutrients found in acai berry give it a reputation for being a rich source of antioxidants, good fats and fiber.

There are many healthy nutrients found in the acai berry, but another important thing it contains is fiber. Dietary fiber has many health advantages. Getting enough dietary fiber everyday helps keep your digestion working regularly and helps keep you regular. This is very important to those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. The most notable use of fiber is for the relief of constipation. Because fiber reduces the strain and abrasiveness of poor digestion on your bowels, it easy to understand why including fiber in your diet helps lower your chance of dealing with disorders like hemorrhoids or diverticular disease.

However, not many know where to buy fresh acai fruits. Because the fresh acai berries do not stay fresh very long, they are not commonly found in the fruit and vegetable area of the corner grocery or chain supermarket. You can however, buy Zola Brazilian Superfruits Acaiberry Puree on Amazon and other products contaiantioxidant-fruits.comng acai. There are many great, healthful recipes using acai berry pulp to try this puree in.

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